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Throttled Domains

Bandwidth and email throttling allow system administrators to limit the quantity of data that a SmarterMail mail server transmits and/or receives within a specified period of time. This limit can be set by bandwidth, the number of emails transmitted, and/or by the number of bounced messages received.

The Throttled Domains tab displays a list of any domain that has violated any throttling rules created on the server.

Note: Domain throttling rules can be configured in the Manage > Domains section on the Domain Defaults page or on a per-domain basis.

The following details can be seen for each entry in the list:

  • Domain - The domain on the server that is currently being throttled.
  • Reason - The type of action that triggered the throttle: Messages Out, Bandwidth Out or Bounces Received.
  • Date - The date and time the domain triggered the throttling action.