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Server Blacklist

Rather than logging into various websites and performing manual checks of their IP addresses, System Administrators can use the Server Blacklist section to check whether their mail server has been listed by one of the realtime black lists (RBL) that SmarterMail incorporates into its spam checks. These checks are performed automatically everyday for all IP addresses added to the server, regardless of whether the RBL is actively being used as a spam check. Note: Creating a Blacklist Status Changed system event is a great way to be immediately notified if a server becomes listed by an RBL.

To access the Server Blacklist, log into SmarterMail as a System Administrator and click the Manage icon. Then click on Server Blacklist from the navigation pane. You can review Blocks by IP, which will list any server IPs that have been blacklisted, or Blocks by RBL, which lists the RBLs that have blocked server IPs. Regardless of which tab you select, the following details can be seen for each entry:

  • IP Address - The IP address used for a domain, or for several domains, on that mail server.
  • Spam Check - The name of the RBL or URIBL that is being checked.
  • IPs Blocked - The number of IP addresses that are currently blocked by the corresponding spam check. Click on the entry's row to view the exact IP addresses.
  • RBLs Blocked - The number of RBLs that are currently blocked by the corresponding IP address. Click on the entry's row to view the exact RBLs.
  • Changed - The last date and time the IP showed a different block status against the specific item.
  • Checked - The last date and time the IP was checked against the specific item.

It's also possible to manually run the Server Blacklist check. This is especially useful if you've had to contact an RBL to requst the block be lifted. To run this, click on the Actions (...) button. From the dropdown, select Run Server Blacklist Check.