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IP Bypasses

IP Bypasses allow a system administrator to prevent spam checks and greylisting on email delivered from specific IP addresses. Typically, this functionality is used to enter the IP address of an inbound gateway. In incoming messages, SmarterMail will analyze the .EML file and pull the most recent IP Address from the header, which will usually be an organization's inbound gateway. Inputting that IP address on this page will allow SmarterMail to analyze the IP of the originating server rather than focusing on the gateway that SmarterMail received the message from. This is important because the majority of the time an organization's incoming gateway will not be listed on any RBL lists, but the originating server may be.

When navigating to this page, you'll see a list of all existing IP bypasses that have been created. If no bypasses currently exist, this page will be blank.

Adding an IP Bypass

To add an IP Address or IP Range, click New.

  • IP Addresses (single, range or CIDR block) - Enter the IP address or IP range that should be bypassed.
  • Description - Enter a note for identifying the bypass.
  • Bypass spam checks - Keep this option enabled in order to prevent spam checks on messages sent from the specified IPs. IMPORTANT NOTE: If SPF and DKIM spam checks are enabled, SmarterMail will run those checks on ALL emails, including those from trusted senders, whitelisted IP addresses and IP bypasses. Because anyone can write any return path that they want when sending a message, this extra check helps prevent spammers from flooding users with hundreds of messages that aren't truly from a trusted sender.
  • Bypass greylisting - Keep this option enabled in order to prevent greylisting on messages sent from the specified IPs.