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This feature allows administrators to the hostnames assigned for each IP address on the server. For example, administrators can see each IP listed, and the hostname, description and port assigned to each. The benefit of viewing assigned hostnames is that administrators can ensure that every domain on the server has its own IP address, thereby limiting the chances of the entire mail server becoming blacklisted should a user on one domain send out unwanted emails. In addition, if an administrator receives reports that a specific domain or IP IS, in fact, blacklisted, he can find out any pertinent info on the blacklisted item and plan accordingly.

Managing Hostnames

To view the list of hostnames associated to an IP, log in as the System Administrator and click the Settings icon. Then click on Bindings and then the IP Addresses tab.

To Delete an existing IP and its associated hostname, click on the checkbox next to the IP address and click Delete. To delete multiple entries at once, click the checkbox next to each, then click the Delete button.

The following information is displayed on this page:

  • IP Address - The IP address on the server.
  • Hostname - The hostname that should be assigned to the IP address. (E.g.,
  • Description - A short description of the domain and/or IP address. (E.g., Microsoft's backup mail server)
  • Ports - The number of ports assigned to that particular IP address.