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Forwarding Blacklist

The Forwarding Blacklist is a useful tool for preventing issues with companies that have extremely strict spam policies. For example, AOL and Comcast do not differentiate between the sending server and the server that forwarded a spam message, and as such, they commonly blacklist legitimate domains for forwarding spam. Because it's impossible to prevent ALL spam messages from being forwarded when a user has automated forwarding enabled, administrators may prefer to blacklist email forwarding to those strict domains.

Note: The Forwarding Blacklist only prevents the automated forwarding of email, which is configured in the user's general settings. Any messages that are manually forwarded from the Email section itself will bypass this blacklist.

To access the Forwarding Blacklist, click the Settings Icon. Then click on Delivery Limits and go to the Do Not Forward tab.

To add a new forwarding blacklist domain, click New in the content toolbar. To Edit an existing blacklist, click on the card. To Delete an existing entry, click on the caret (∨) shown in the upper right corner of the card and click Delete. To delete multiple entries at once, click on the Select button to open the multi-select tool. When adding or editing an entry, the following option will be available:

  • Domain Name - Enter the name of the domain that should be blocked from automated email forwarding. When a domain is included in this list, users will see the following notification when they attempt to save a forwarding address with that domain: "Forwards to the following address(es) are not allowed: ______." Note: Users will still be able to manually forward emails to users on that domain.