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Searching Chats

This feature is only available in SmarterMail Enterprise.

On occasion, you may need to refer to a previous text conversation you had with a contact. One of the best things about SmarterMail is that it indexes all communication, so all of your chats are stored and, therefore, retrievable, so your information is never too far away.

Search Methods

There are 2 ways to search chats:

  • Using downloaded transcripts, or
  • Using Message Archive search.

User Downloaded Transcripts

Users are able to download a text file that is the history of all of the chats exchanged with a particular user or group. A zipped version of that file (it's compressed because that text file can be quite large) to your local machine where it can be opened in a text editor. Using the search feature of that text editor allows you to find the search phrases you're looking for as well as the entire threads where those search phrases were discussed.

Chat Search

Domain administrators have the ability to search chats for all users. The only requirement is the User name you want to find. The display Name and Text you want to search are optional. It's worth noting, however, that if a User is deleted from SmarterMail, so is their chat history.