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Creating New Notes

Starting a new note is extremely easy: simply click the New button. Once you do this, you'll be able to start entering your note details. These include:

  • Subject - This is the simple name for the note, like "Shopping List" or "Meeting Notes".
  • Description - This is where you enter the actual note contents. The note description area is fully HTML compliant with a rich editor so it's possible to stylize your note contents with different fonts and colors, links to outside resources, embedded videos, etc. Note: Inline images over 200KB will cause the window to become unresponsive when using Code View. This is a known issue with the Froala editor.
  • Source - Either the default Notes folder, any new or custom folders you've created, or, if other users have shared their Notes with you, you can select one of those as the Source for your new Note.
  • Color - Note colors are a great way to keep notes of a specific type neatly organized. As a side note, the colors available match the colors of traditional paper sticky notes.

New Note Folders

Similar to how you can create folders for storing/organizing emails, it's possible to store Notes in folders as well. By default, SmarterMail creates a folder called "Notes" to house any note you create in webmail. However, if a user wanted more granularity in their notes, they can create individual folders for specific types. For example, "Marketing Notes", "QC Notes" or even folders for notes based on specific companies or businesses. There is no limit to how folders can be used.

Using Folders is a great way to share groups of notes with others within your organization as well. Rather than sharing individual notes, one or two at a time, they can be organized in a folder, then that folder can be shared.

Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder, click on the menu icon in the lower, left corner of the interface and do the following:

  1. Select New Folder.
  2. A modal window appears.
  3. Add a Display Name for the folder.
  4. Your Username and your permission level/Access (generally this should be set to Full) are also displayed.
  5. Finally, it's possible to set up sharing options for the folder you create.

Editing a Folder

If you want to change the settings of a folder, it's very simple: simply click on its name. The settings modal opens and you can change the Display Name, change the sharing options, or even delete the folder entirely.