SmarterMail Help

Logging in to Webmail

SmarterMail users can access SmarterMail using any mobile or desktop web browser in addition to connecting their mailbox to an email client such as Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Mac, Apple Mail or even using the email clients that come standard on most mobile devices. The major advantage of using the webmail interface, however, is that users can log in to their SmarterMail mailbox from any computer or mobile device with internet access, from anywhere in the world.

To log in to the SmarterMail web interface, users will need to obtain the appropriate link from their Domain Administrator or system administrator. Generally, this will take the form of a standard email URL such as To log in to SmarterMail, simply type your full email address and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

To stay logged in to SmarterMail even after closing the browser, be sure to enable Remember Me. This will allow SmarterMail to encrypt the email address and password and will automatically log you in the next time you visit your webmail URL. Note: Browser cookies must be enabled for this feature to work. In addition, SmarterTools does not recommend selecting this option if you use a public or shared computer or device.

After clicking the log in button, you will be logged into your SmarterMail mailbox and your Inbox will be displayed. If you have trouble logging in or experience issues with your email account, contact your email provider for troubleshooting help. The email provider is usually the owner of the domain or the person who set up your email account for you, like your company's IT person, website administrator or hosting company.