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Plus Addressing

Plus Addressing is a feature of SmarterMail that allows you to automatically filter your incoming email without creating content filtering rules first.

Example 1

Assume your email address is, and you want to sign up for a newsletter called ACME News. Furthermore, you want that newsletter to go to a folder in your email called "ACME". Assuming you have plus addressing enabled, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter with the plus address myname+ACME@example.comNote: When writing the plus address, make sure the folder name is listed after the username but before the

When the newsletter gets delivered to your email, it will automatically be placed in an ACME folder, which will be created automatically if it does not already exist. No additional steps are required. The whole process is automatic once you enable the feature.

Example 2

If you include the "/" character in your plus address, you can automatically create sub-folders. For example, the plus address myname+Newsletters/ will create a folder called Newsletters, then create an ACME folder under it, and drop the newsletter into the ACME folder.

As an added bonus, you can connect to folders in your email using POP3 by using plus addressed emails. The example above, when input into your POP email client as your login name, will return the contents of that folder.

Enabling Plus Addressing

Step-by-step instructions on enabling plus addressing are available in the User section of the Account page. How To Enable Plus Addressing.