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Calendar Settings

SmarterMail gives users several customized settings for how they want calendars to appear. This includes the default timeframe to display, calendar auto clean rules and more.

When accessing your calendar settings, the following options will be available:


  • Display weekends - Select this option to include weekends in your calendar. Because some people only use their calendars for the "business week," disabling weekends can help to keep a calendar clean and organized.
  • Display task start times in the calendar view - Select this option to view the date and time a task is scheduled to start on the calendar.
  • Display task due times in the calendar view - Select this option to view the date and time a task is scheduled to be completed on the calendar.
  • Hide completed tasks - Select this option to remove completed tasks from the calendar view.
  • Default Duration - The default amount of time to reserve for a new appointment or event. This is 1 hour by default.
  • Default Reminder - The default amount of time prior the beginning of an appointment or event that will trigger a reminder notification for participants. This is 5 minutes by default.
  • First Day of Week - The default day that a user's week begins. By default, this is Sunday.

Note: Even though tasks may be displayed in your calendar, if you are syncing your calendar with a desktop and/or mobile email client, the task will not show up on your calendar. Instead, they will generally be considered notifications and will display in mobile and/or desktop clients accordingly.

Calendar Auto-Clean

SmarterMail allows users to keep past calendar events from cluttering up their calendar views. Generally system and/or domain administrators will set this option for all users of the domain, but domain administrators may allow users to manage their own calendar auto-clean settings. Therefore, if you have the ability to "Override auto-clean settings", you can do so with this setting. Simply toggle the setting, then select the "Auto-Clean Months" you want to use.

Business Hours

SmarterMail allows users to customize new calendar appointments to display their typical hours. For example, if you typically schedule appointments from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can configure the business hours to correspond with those times, allowing SmarterMail to automatically scroll your calendar view to those hours. You can configure the visible hours for each day of the week to allow for flexibility in your schedule.