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The Account Profile section contains details for a user, including their name, birthday, email address(es), work information and more. If a system administrator has enabled the Global Address List (GAL), the information contained in a user's profile will be publicly available to all other users on the domain if that setting is enabled when the User is created by the domain administrator. Users can access that public contact information only by accessing the GAL through webmail or LDAP. Note: LDAP is a feature available to SmarterMail Enterprise users only.

The information contained in a user's Profile will also be available in email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. This is especially true when syncing to that client using a protocol such as MAPI. In addition, much of the information configured in a user's Account Profile is also available as a variable that can be used when domain administrators create domain level signatures. Regardless, you can fill out as much or as little of this information as you want.

When accessing your profile, you'll be presented with a number of different cards:

Personal Info

  • Display Name - Your name as you want it to appear. For example, "Dan Henderson".
  • Title - Whatever Title you want to be used, such as Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
  • First Name - Your first name.
  • Middle Name - Your middle name.
  • Last Name - Your last name.
  • Suffix - If you have a suffix, such as "Jr.", "III", "Esq.", etc., put it here.
  • Home Page - If you have a personal website, you can enter the URL here.
  • Instant Messenger - If you have an IM handle, or a Skype address, you can enter it here.
  • Birthday - Your birthdate goes here.
  • Additional Information - You can pretty much add anything else you want in here: favorite color, pet's name, whatever.

Profile Pictures

To upload a profile picture, click on the avatar or current image next to your Display Name, which will open your File Explorer/Finder. From here, select the image you want to use for your profile.

NOTE: Photos/images must not be over 5mb in size; square images work best. Uploading a profile picture will automatically update your avatar in the webmail interface. However, profile pictures are not updated in any third-party chat clients, like Adium or Pidgin, until you log into the chat client and force a status change.

Phone Numbers

  • Phone Number - Specify your home, work or mobile phone numbers, pager number and personal or company fax numbers. Once you add one number, another box appears below this one where you can add others.

Email Addresses

  • Email Address - Add any secondary email addresses you have, like a Gmail address, a personal email address, etc. If you want to remove an address, simply click the X button next to it.


  • Home Address - Specify your home address, including your street address, city, state/province, postal code and country.
  • Work Address - Specify your work address, including its street address, city, state/province, postal code and country.
  • Work Info - Specify your work information, including your company name, job title, department, office, and the URL of your company's website.


This area allows you to add any additional information you want associated to your profile. This includes your Anniversary (work or marriage), your nickname, the name of your spouse or assistant, etc. To prohibit the display of business hours, like for the weekends or other days off, simply put the same beginning and end time for that day of the week. (E.g., 11:00 PM - 11:00 PM)