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Getting Started

Now that you have SmarterMail installed, it's time to get things set up. Below are some helpful links to get you started.

If you're not quite to the point of getting SmarterMail installed, that's okay: SmarterTools offers complimentary installation of any new license purchase! You should have seen that as an option when you placed your order but if not, just email us at and we can help get you scheduled. In addition, SmarterTools offers paid training to help get you on your way to expert mail server management.

Adding New Domains

As a system administrator, it's easy to add new domains, whether using custom configurations or default settings for every domain you add.

Adding New Users

As a domain administrator, adding users is quick and easy, whether using custom configurations or default settings for every user you add.

Configuring Antispam

SmarterMail offers a number of antispam options, free of charge, right out of the box. Setting them up helps protect your users and your server.

General Security Settings

After Antispam, configuring user password requirements, system events and some other important security features is a great next step to securing your server.

DNS Configuration for a Mail Server

Before a mail server is ready to be put in service, some DNS configuration is necessary for the domain(s) on the server so that mail can be sent and received.

Sending Your First Email

Once everything is set up, it's time to test things by sending your first email.


A mail server also requires specific ports to be opened to the outside world. Therefore, if you have a firewall sitting in front of your network, or your mail server, you'll want to open the following ports:

  • 25 - Commonly used for SMTP traffic.
  • 53 - DNS Resolution. NOTE: Port 53 is used for DNS only. If DNS is not run on the SmarterMail server, this port does not need to be open.
  • 80 - Used to access SmarterMail's web client. Also used by EAS.
  • 110 - Used for POP connections made to the server.
  • 143 - Used for IMAP connections made to the server.
  • 389 - Used for LDAP connections to the server.
  • 443 - Used to access SmarterMail's web client over SSL. Also used by EAS.
  • 465 - SSL/TLS SMTP Port.
  • 587 - Submission Port - Commonly used as an alternative port number for SMTP traffic (supports SSL/TLS).
  • 993 - SSL/TLS IMAP Port.
  • 995 - SSL/TLS POP Port.
  • 50099 - Used for XMPP (live chat) connections.